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From the Damascus Gate of the Old City, cross the main street and walk straight up Nablus Road. The Garden Tomb is located on Conrad Schick Street, a narrow lane 400 metres up Nablus Road, on the right hand side. It is clearly signposted.
The Garden Tomb is conveniently located near the Old City, just outside the Damascus Gate, and is easily accessible both by foot and by public transit from many parts of the city.

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Access by foot to the Garden Tomb is fairly straightforward and there are brown tourist signs in the area to direct you.
From the Old City...
Exit through the Damascus Gate, cross Sultan Suleiman Street and on the other side proceed up Nablus Road (also called Derech Shechem). After Schmidt College, take the first right into Conrad Schick Street.
From Route 1...
Enter Ben Shadad Street (immediately opposite HaNevi'im Street) and cross the bus station. The Garden Tomb is up the lane immediately opposite the lower exit of the bus station.
From the area north, near the American Colony Hotel...
Proceed down Nablus road (past the U.S. Consulate). † †After St. Stephen's Church (Ecole Biblique), take the first turning on the left into Conrad Schick Street. The entrance to the Garden is at the top of this lane.

Vehicular Access

Vehicular access to the Garden Tomb is not very easy, especially for those unfamiliar with the area. Changes to the traffic system in the immediate vicinity happen frequently! Many roads are one-way and/or are for public transport only. If you come by private vehicle, we strongly recommend that you park elsewhere and walk the remaining distance to the Garden Tomb.

Public Transportation

The nearest station on the new light railway system is called ‘The Damascus Gate’ from which it is a 5 minute walk to the Garden tomb. † †
The nearest Egged bus service (No.6) passes along Route 1 at approximately 20 minute intervals at peak times. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the bus stop to the Garden Tomb.
Local Arab bus services use either the bus station immediately opposite the entrance to the Garden or that on Sultan Suleiman Street.