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The Dilijan Ensemble – Traditional rhythmic Armenian Music

September 27, 2018 20:00
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As we enter a new season of Autumn, we welcome you to join us at the Garden Tomb to and enjoy quality music that crosses continents and cultures.

The ensemble’s repertoire includes sweeping folk dances as well as expressive songs of love and longing, written and composed in various periods from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century, some performed in traditional style while others are given a contemporary interpretation. In the musical arsenal of the ensemble are authentic instruments such as the Armenian Duduk – a wind instrument similar to an oboe with a sound said to resemble the human voice, making this instrument one of Armenia’s national symbols, and the Blul – a long shepherd’s flute made of apricot wood,  as well as string instruments – Oud and Persian Setar, and various percussion instruments.

Marina Dichter – vocals, 

Ilia Mazia – Armenian duduk, flutes

Dmitri Toperman – oud, Persian setar

Omer Lahav – percussion

Gates open at 19:30

It is recommended to bring a sweater.

Address: The Garden Tomb, Conrad Schick Street, Jerusalem.  

Instructions on how to arrive and where to park