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Important News Regarding the Chairmanship of the Garden Tomb

Important News Regarding the Chairmanship of the Garden Tomb

A Message from Clive Mather:

“Ten years ago I was asked to join the Council of the Garden Tomb and so began a wonderful relationship that has touched me and my family deeply. It has been a privilege to serve as a Trustee for my full term of 9 years and for the past 5 years as Chairman. During that time there have many ups and downs, but throughout it all Almighty God has protected and blessed our unique ministry.

I can only say a heartfelt thank you to all the Trustees, the staff and the volunteers, whose selfless dedication has enabled countless thousands of visitors from all around the world to experience the peace and purpose of the Garden. For me it will always be a place where heaven touches earth – where the living God meets with all who open their eyes and hearts to Him.

Ann and I were back in the Garden a few weeks ago and I can truly say it has never looked better. Steve has done such an amazing job as our Director and I salute him and his great team. During my visit I began the handover to Paul Weaver who now succeeds me as Chairman. Paul has been a Trustee of the GTA for 3 years and brings a lifetime of experience as an outstanding leader and pastor.

I feel many emotions as I step down, but it is a joy to pass the baton to Paul knowing that he will continue to run the race marked out for us. He is a great man of God and so the Board and the Garden are in good hands. Please join with me in praying for him, for Steve and all who serve the Garden in their different ways.

clive mather, garden tomb
Every blessing, Clive”

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