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Rules of Conduct

The following rules apply to all visitors to the Garden Tomb and will be enforced by the Garden Tomb staff. Violators may be removed from the premises. In case of criminality, repeated offenses, or refusal to leave the premises once ordered to do so, the Garden Tomb may contact the Israel Police.

  • Please respect the sanctity of the site and uphold its serenity as a place of quiet contemplative worship.
  • Please help us keep the garden clean and litter-free.
  • Please do not smoke on site.
  • Please do not eat or drink in the Garden.
  • Please do not speak loudly on your mobile phones.
  • The use of amplification devices in the Garden Tomb is strictly prohibited unless special permission has been granted by the Garden Tomb management.
  • Please do not pick the flowers, pluck the fruit and nuts off the trees, or harm the vegetation in any way.
  • Please do not take any soil, rocks or objects from the garden as ‘souvenirs’.
  • Please refrain from leaving objects or notes inside the tomb or depositing human ashes in the Garden.
  • While photographing and filming in the garden, please respect the privacy of others.
  • Please be considerate of other visitors in the tomb area and never pose for photographs next to the tomb entrance.
  • Please do not spend much time in the tomb when others are waiting to come in.
  • Please refrain from singing and praying out loud at Skull Hill or by the tomb. We ask this only in order to insure that other groups and visitors are able to hear their guides at these special places.
  • Do not under any circumstance use the garden as a backdrop for fundraising for your own ministry or church or for any other kind of monetary gain. This includes blessing objects which will then be distributed for a price or for a “monetary sacrifice” or “donation”.
  • It is strictly prohibited to film the “blessing” of objects or merchandise in the Garden.
  • We do not allow professional or semiprofessional filming in the garden without attaining prior permission to do so from the Garden Tomb management.